The Right Shirt for the Occasion

For the formal situation the men's dress shirt will probably be worn with a suit. For slightly less formal situations the dress shirt will probably be worn with a jacket and tie.

There are times and places for all types of attire. A casual situation calls for casual attire. A more formal situation calls for more formal attire. Part of a man's wardrobe for a more formal occasion is a dress shirt.

Today there are many more options as far as dress shirts are concerned. In many situations color is appropriate. Men are not so much tied to the traditional dress codes as in the past. Of course, high formal will adhere to the traditional formula much more closely than a situation that is slightly less formal.

Usually the men's dress shirt will have long sleeves, although there are short sleeved dress shirts available. The French cuff is often a feature of the long sleeved dress shirt. A French cuff is worn with cuff links that can accent the fashion statement.

Men's dress shirts are now made in every color of the rainbow. You can find a pink dress shirt or an orange dress shirt. You can even find a black dress shirt if you want one. As long as the proper accessories are worn with the shirt it will be a hit.

Do you wear mens dress shirts?

Will you?

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